1 way to be more attractive



Getting jealous is a natural feeling from the ego. This is something that everybody has felt at sometime of their life. BUT. The more you fight it. The stronger your mind gets. And then eventually not only do you NOT feel the emotions of jealously much. But you become an insanely attractive person that people will beg FOR because you do NOT try to control them.


Be in control... Not controlling.. Let her do what she wants.

What this means is if your bf, gf, or date is being a slut and cheats on you. Then do not get mad. Just completely leave and never talk to her again.

But Encourage your gf bf or date to talk to the opposite sex. After the first or second time doing this. Your partner will wonder why in the fuck you are not saying anything, and they will be so much more attracted, because you had a strong mind to not let your emotions get effected.